We started working on New Narratives in 2013 when the porCausa Foundation was created.

The public debate is shaped by a series of terms and ideas that consider migration as a problem, a crisis, and something unnatural that should be avoided. The narrative we want to replace is, on the one hand, the anti-migratory one, which is anchored in fear; on the other,  a welfarist approach, based on pity.

We use a collective work system based on creative thinking processes, involving hundreds of people, that has already resulted in three complementary essays directed by Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón and co-written with Violeta Velasco.

Since 2019 we have carried out more than a hundred workshops and talks concerning this topic, becoming a reference in the fight against hate speeches, new migratory narratives, and coining the concept of narratives of love.

Los 3 ensayos son cortos, inspiradores y están disponibles de forma gratuita solo pinchando aquí.