Desde 2013 colaborando con una inmensa red

We work with a wide range of organizations on a variety of national and international projects. These are some of the projects we have done in the last few years that may serve as inspiration for new collaborations.


We are ready to co-create together.

Servicios: informes

We are dedicated to the study and analysis of migration phenomena and are committed to revealing the hidden stories and deep truths surrounding this global phenomenon. Our team of researchers undertake a constant quest for knowledge and through thorough research and detailed reports, we shed light on the underlying reasons for migratory movements and the barriers that hold them back.

In some very specific cases, when the topics are relevant to us and are part of our priorities, we can carry out journalistic collaborations with organisations that have relevant information.

In general, this usually happens in association with promoted investigations in which we participate, or investigations of proven quality that expand the information of an investigation that we have developed previously.

In these instances, we carry out the development of reports and opinion pieces that we then offer to the media with which we collaborate.

Servicios: colaboraciones periodísticas
Servicios: asesorias

We carry out specific consulting services for organizations in areas in which we have a high level of expertise.


Among others:

– Circular narratives’ system: how to create a system of production and dissemination of information that reaches large audiences.

– New narratives: how to talk about issues to avoid hate speech and reach large audiences.

– Press office of organizations

– Research on social issues

In the last ten years, we have participated in more than a hundred talks and debates on topics where we believe we have something to contribute.

We are a small and very overloaded team and we appreciate that these types of collaborations are remunerated by contributing resources to our organization.

We can participate in talks that are already determined and are proposed to us or we can enter the previous phase of creating the contents of these talks.

Our main topics are: new narratives, narratives of love, journalism, migrations, the fight against hate speech, and labor mobility.

Servicios: ponencias
Servicios: formaciones

We provide tailor-made training.

On the one hand, we train in skills in which we are experts in, such as journalism, research, communication, and storytelling. On the other hand, we are also experts in migration and development issues, and the fight against hate speech.

Our most popular trainings are:

New migration narratives: how to communicate migration to reach large audiences and break the current indifference?

Narratives against hate speech: how to create successful narratives of love?

Hate speech: keys to avoid and replace it.

Circular narrative: How to generate communication systems on social issues that reach larger audiences by recovering the space for public debate?

Migration journalism for journalists

Basic concepts to better understand migration

– Why is migration an opportunity?

– Migrations and development aid

Ya hemos colaborado con
Media outlets
  • The Guardian
  • The New York Times
  • Univisión
  • Der Spiegel
  • Lighthouse report
  • La marea
  • Público
  • Radio Nacional de España
  • The Lancet
  • El País
  • SER
  • El mundo
  • El Confidencial
  • Alfa&Omega
  • Política Exterior
  • Pikara magazine
Un & International Organizations
  • ONU Mujeres
  • IOM
  • Secretaría General Iberoamericana
  • UE
Foundations and other organizations 
  • Fundación AVINA
  • Fundación La Caixa
  • Open Value
  • Colunga
  • Ashoka
  • ISGlobal
civil Society
  • Oxfam Intermón
  • Anesvad
  • SJM
  • Save the children
civil Society
  • Mérida consorcio ciudad monumental
  • Ayuntamiento de Mérida
Universities and research centers
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Universidad de Comillas
  • Universidad Carlos III
  • CGD Center for Global Development
  • ODI