Información y comunidad para cambiar el foco

Registered in 2013 by the Spanish protectorate of foundations, in porCausa we stop hate speech and change the perception that the majority has on migration through our circular narratives’ methodology 

Un gráfico ejemplo de la metodologia de nuevas narrativas

Circular Narratives

This is our own replicable methodology that includes creative thinking processes for general content, theories on discourse substitution such as new narratives, and new forms of research combining journalistic and academic approaches.

A methodology that works

We create purposeful content and connect large audiences with high-quality information, combining research, journalism, communication and narratives on migration. We want to change perceptions to stop hate speech and build a diverse and fearless society. Because information is the beginning of change.

We Reached
accumulated annual audience

en 10 años hemos producido

international conferences concerning  journalism and migrations

journalistic pieces

academic articles

journalistic investigations

workshops and conferences

Nuestra teoría del cambio

In A world where

  • Media outlets are in crisis
  • Public debate is polarized 
  • Migration is undermined 
  • Human rights are questioned 

We Work On

  • Investigating rigorously 
  • Providing iIndependent journalism 
  • Producing stories for new outlets
  • Educating and advising 
  • Innovating 
  • Listening and reproducing
  • Creating networks 

Our Objectives

  • Changing the perception of migration 
  • Putting and end to fear
  • Bringing back people´s confidence 
  • Taking back the space for public debate 
  • Inspiring other organizations
  • Participating in the improvement of democratic quality.
  • Reconnecting audiences with quality information.

We Make It Happen

  • We produce around 200 journalistic pieces a year
  • We write over a dozen reports every year
  • We organize the only international conference specialized in journalism and migrations in the world 
  • We incubated Spain’s only refugee media 
  • We change the editorial lines of major media outlets.
  • We conduct regular analyses of social perceptions and audiences.